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Have you ever thought about what the soundtrack to your life would sound like? What songs would best define you? Centrale shopping centre has decided to seek out some of the most sensational sounds available right now to see if we can find you those songs and albums to live your life to.

HMV Croydon… we love you!

New releases

In light of the BRIT awards having played us through in late February here’s the ultimate compilation album comprised of some of the biggest pop talents of the last few years including Adele, Chase & Status, Lana Del Rey, Florence & the Machine plus legendary artists like David Bowie, U2 and Queen. It’s a 3cd epic collection for £11.99.

Three of (arguably) the best albums from last year

Adele “21”

This show-stopping album from local London girl made good, Adele, goes a long way to confirming her status as a true star. Her first album “19” was one of the best debut albums of the last few years, so it was a tough act to follow and while the tracks this time around are not as polished, Adele still belts out the numbers with all the soulfulness and power of a seasoned diva.  The already legendary song “Rolling in the Deep” has been playing on an endless loop ever since release as has the deeply emotional “Someone like you”. You know it’s a hit when you can download it as a ringtone! A quirky bossa nova cover of the Cure’s “Lovesong” and original salt’n’sass track “Rumour Has It” are the other highlights on a very good sophomore album. £8.99 at HMV.

Cee-Lo Green “The Lady Killer”

The vocals on the 2005 summer-smash “Crazy” were sung by none other than the Lady Killer, Cee-Lo Green himself. For years he’s worked as a vocalist standing in the shadows but now he’s stepping out into the limelight to get the credit he deserves. The most famous track on this album is also the one that has two versions due to its expletive title – most radios play it as “Forget You” – and it’s a diamond of a kiss-off song. Instrumental bursts and expansive string arrangements give it a true cinematic vibe. Cee-Lo may have been in the biz for more than 20 years, but he’s just getting started! The Lady Killer is a killer album. £4.99 at HMV.

Lady Gaga “Born This Way”

It’s not summer without Gaga in the mix is it? The wonderfully deranged and archly wacky pop star has been steadily climbing the glass tower of superstardom for the past few years now. Now that she’s at the top, it’s a long way down if she slips and falls now. “Born This Way” is a mixed bag that will please the die-hards but it won’t convert the unbelievers. The most accessible song on the album is “Americano,” a Hispanic upgrade of “Alejandro” riffing on “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood.” There’s the expected bizarre Gaga here with plenty of club-pleasing tracks and a few pure emotion laced throughout, particularly in the wonderful serenade “The Edge of Glory.” £4.93 from HMV.

So have you figured out what the soundtrack to your life is yet? We invite you to come and find the songs that define you at Centrale shopping centre.

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