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We’ve been keeping our eyes on the shelves at HMV for the latest DVD’s on offer. The following titles are just a few of our own personal favourites from the eclectic selection available at discounted prices. Here is our picks for this week, see if anything tickles your fancy…


If you’ve been following what’s on the box of late you’ll recognise that TV shows are beginning to exceed films in terms of quality. For instance the BBC’s modernisation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes character has been a massive hit with audiences around the world. HMV is offering both Series 1 and the newly released Series 2 in a double box set for £19.99.

After having had TOWIE star Joey Essex himself come into our store last year for our Christmas celebrations we have only found even more love for The Only Way Is Essex. This week has seen the release of Series 3 on DVD. It’s outrageous fun with some great catchphrases and characters. Kitsch classic television for only £11.99. Why not pick up the previous series too?

For those of you who like their television hi-octane and bad to the bone, the OTT search-and-destroy theatrics of Dog – The Bounty Hunter should be met with agreeability. It’s Dog’s greatest hits and finest moments where he shows that brawn can outmatch brain, especially if like him, you don’t have one. Pick up your copy for £3.89 and enjoy the senseless mayhem of a man on a mission to kick in every door in Hawaii.

Film on DVD

The surprise box office success of the movie adaptation of the successful E4 comedy The Inbetweeners landed on DVD in time for Christmas last year. If you didn’t pick it up then now’s your second chance to get it even cheaper at £9.99. The film story follows the lads as they head to Spain for a lad’s holiday of booze, beaches, and babes. Trust us; it’s extremely, painfully funny.

Talking of funny, still not seen Bridesmaids? If you have, then why don’t you own it yet?! It’s the number one comedy of the past few years charting the battle of the bridesmaids in the build-up to the wedding day of a mutual friend. This movie proves that the gals can be just as gross and hilarious as the boys. Pick up your copy for £9.97.

In the £5 section of HMV, Croydon you’ll find some top titles for unbeatable prices.

The Social Network is not only the most relevant film about the online generation but it’s also now only £4.99.

The Other Guys was one of those comedies that sadly didn’t find the audience it deserved but we assure you that Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg make for the funniest and most endearing pair in this buddy cop spoof that is just £4.99.

Considering we are in the year 2012, what better time to lap up the hysteria surrounding this infamous date by buying the SFX-laden, ultimate action-adventure blockbuster 2012.£3.97 is a pretty cheap price to get a front row seat to watch the end of the world.

And these were just some of the films and TV shows we spotted in tail end of the HMV sales. Step in and find your ideal DVD for the weekend ahead at Centrale.

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