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Centrale Shopping Centre welcomed a new banking chain called to its shopping directory on Friday 17th June. It promises to revolutionize banking for its customers with flexible opening times seven days a week, early and late, and its unusual fondness for our canine friends. Metro Bank welcomes dogs and offers free dog biscuits and water bowls – plus during the launch some of TV’s biggest doggie stars were there to join in the fun!

Metro Bank Opening

The celebrations included a live band playing, plus stilt walkers and shoe shiners to entertain throughout the day. Metro Bank has opened a number of Central London banks and as it is now expanding into Greater London, Croydon was a key location in the South. The announcement of Metro Bank’s opening reflects a commitment to offering local people a better shopping experience at Centrale.

“I’m going to Cyprus at the end of the month with my boyfriend and I’m looking for something stylish to keep me feeling cool in the sun and looking fab! I’ve seen lots of people wearing long, floaty dresses and being quite tall, I’m thinking of trying one. Can you recommend any particular shape or cut that I should go for to keep my look on trend?”

Emma Batson, 25, New Addington

This summer is all about the maxi dress and is a suitcase must-have for your holiday wardrobe. Opt for something patterned such as this floral design from Joy. The bright yellows and pinks make a great contrast and will keep you looking bright and colourful on the beach or out to dinner. Even better the ‘v’ neckline and off-the-shoulder sleeves will help to flatter your arms and upper body for a feminine touch. Team with some sandals and a sun hat to complete your holiday look.

Louche Angel Flower Maxi Dress £49, from Joy at Centrale Shopping Centre. For more information about Centrale opening times and stores please visit

Louche Angel Flower Maxi Dress

“I’m looking to make a really extravagant purchase. I’ve always wanted a really cool and trendy designer handbag but I’ve never been able to afford one. I recently got a small bonus at work and I’ve decided I’m going to treat myself to something a little more special than my usual high street handbags. I know the likes of Chloe and Mulberry bags are going to be out of my price range, but could you suggest something that will feel like a super treat but be a little more affordable?”

Lauren White, 24, Thornton Heath

Michael Kors handbags are always on trend and super cool without breaking the bank. At £250 you wouldn’t buy one of these every day, but you must have worked hard for that extra pay so we think you deserve to treat yourself! If you’re making a considered purchase we think you need it to look a little bling, and this bag with its gold stud detailing and tie-dye print certainly makes a statement. It’s big enough for all your essentials, so you can make sure you get maximum use out of your purchase.

Blue tie-dye bowling bag, £250 Michael Kors, available from House of Fraser at Centrale Shopping Centre. For more information about Centrale opening times and stores please visit

Blue tie-dye bowling bag

I’m looking for some designer jewellery that won’t cost the earth. It’s my daughter’s 16th birthday coming up and I’d like to get her something she can keep. Like most teens, mine is super fashion conscious and loves anything with a designer label! I can’t choose her clothes as I’ll always get it wrong, so we usually go shopping together for her birthday, which means no surprises! She doesn’t mind, but I’m a big kid and want to get her something unexpected. Can you suggest something cool?”

Sally West, 48, South Croydon.

This summer Ernest Jones has a great collection of affordable designer jewellery. We think your daughter will love to make a statement with this gold and purple bangle from fashion brand Ted Baker. The gold studs are very on trend and being a bangle you know it will fit. At £45 it’s pricier than your usual high street bracelet but as this is a special treat we think it will be worth it.

Purple and gold stud bracelet, £45 Ted Baker, available from Ernest Jones at Centrale Shopping Centre. For more information about Centrale opening times and stores please visit

Ted Baker Purple and gold stud bracelet

I have a heart shaped face and I’m struggling to find the perfect pair of sunglasses for this season. I don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on a pair as I usually lose them as soon as I step off the plane to begin my summer holiday. However, I would like a pair that I look and feel good in and that will protect my eyes from the sun. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who finds it difficult to find the right set of specs for their face shape, so I wondered if you could tell us all what to look for when choosing the right pair of sunglasses?”

Mel Everson, 32, Coulsdon

Let’s be honest, we all worry about whether or not our sunglasses make us look silly. The best thing to do is discover your face shape by studying it in the mirror. As a rough guide we would suggest classic aviator glasses for heart shaped faces as they balance out a small chin. Square face shapes should opt for round and oval style frames, avoiding anything angular. Round faces should try styles that are wider than they are deep, square or upswept shapes that draw attention to the upper face, avoiding small, round shapes. Oval face shapes have the most freedom when choosing a style as most shapes will suit, so be brave.  Long faces should opt for wide frames and all over colours and avoid small, square shapes. Triangular faces should go for bold styles to balance the face and avoid narrow frames.

Black & gold aviators, £18 Linea, available from House of Fraser at Centrale Shopping Centre. For more information about Centrale opening times and stores please visit

Black & gold aviators

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