Hot events, Must-have products Gift ideas for Father’s Day at Centrale

Father’s Day comes around once again at Centrale shopping centre, Croydon. This year we thought we would give you a helping hand for gift ideas and make you a list of possible prezzies to buy him. Our major recommendation this Father’s Day is to avoid getting your Dads more shirts! We suspect Dads everywhere are absolutely sick of receiving them each year for birthdays, Christmas’ and special occasions like this without fail. Be adventurous, surprise your Dad with something different this year.

Here is Centrale’s rundown of the top gifts to grab:

1. Most Dads like to think they’re still cool. Whether they really are or not, you can at least give them a helping hand. Summer’s here so get him a pair of snazzy, designer sunglasses for the sunny days ahead. They don’t come any cooler than the sleek varieties at Blue Inc from sun visors to aviator rims to shutter sunglasses.

Blue Inc. Aviator sunglasses

2. Men smell. It’s true. Especially hard working Dads. What they need is a touch of fresh aroma so grab Dad a Big Daddy Deal from The Fragrance Shop. The offers are tailored especially for Father’s Day. David Beckham’s aftershave Signature could do the trick for him or you could keep him traditional with a dose of Davidoff Cool Water.

David Beckham's Signature For Him fragrance

3. Many Dads like their movie marathons and you can never go wrong with getting him a selection of great DVD’s from HMV. Give him a taste of True Grit starring Jeff Bridges, a western odyssey brimming over with testosterone and tension; or employ the services of The Mechanic played by Jason Statham for the usual high-energy storylines and pulse-pounding action sequences; or even give him some big laughs with the escalating, knock-around hilarity of Due Date with Robert Downey Jr and Hangover king Zach Galifinakis.

The Mechanic DVD

Due Date DVD

4. “My reputation precedes me. Or else I’d be late for all my appointments.” Is your Dad in the habit of being late a lot? Try giving him a hint and getting him a new watch from JD Sports. Look to the Adidas Originals watch collection for some time-inspired ideas.

Adidas Originals Watch

5. Father’s Day is a good time to get him up to speed on all the latest gadgets. If he is still living in the 20th century with a mobile phone as old as you are, think about bagging him a Blackberry Curve or even an iPhone 4. The functions and applications will most likely keep him busy for the next twenty years!

Blackberry Curve Vs. iPhone 3

And there you have Centrale’s Top Five items to buy Dads everywhere this Father’s Day. However, there’s always room for a few more ideas.

Some Dads are still into their toys! ModelZone has great selections on remote controlled cars, model planes and replicas. Here is the link to our ModelZone Father’s Day guide:

You can never go wrong with taking Dad out for lunch or for dinner and treating him to a sumptuous meal, whether it be a buy one get one free meal on delicious Paninis at Cafe Giardino or for a hearty tapas meal at India Dining. He’ll appreciate the thought and devour the meal!

Whatever your own ideas of what to get for Father’s Day just remember not to get him more shirts and socks!

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