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As a ‘new-romantic’ my mum thought it would be a great idea to dye her hair a vibrant purple shade, and go for the on-trend ‘A-symmetrical’ cut. Nice work mum… funny! Funny until, on the cusp of shedding those years of teenage angst I decided to do it myself.

Back with a vengeance the ‘A-symmetric’ shape rouses its ugly head once again. As I decided to crop one half of my locks, and shave my head in the brave name of fashion (oh dear), ending up looking like the ultimate fashion victim!

Several years on as my hair is now a safer mid-shoulder length, all one length that is, I am shocked to see a new generation of head shaving, hair styling fanatics. Rhianna, Ellie Goulding and Mel B (who really should know better) have adopted a modern twist on the undercut. Some might say this brave move is fashion-forward and I might agree, if Jodie Marsh wasn’t also sporting the trend.

Yes it might be cool, daring, bold even. But it aint so funny sweetheart when you want to get rid, once the fickle, fashion industry changes its mind, and therefore so do you! And as the shaved side grows, little tufts of hair hang over your ears, and your look is more overgrown than undercut! That is when fashion becomes a faux par and is no laughing matter. Take it from someone that knows.

The only help I can offer you for the ultimate hair disaster is hair extensions. They are a little pricey but super glam! Check out Rush at Centrale for a consultation on their professional Racoon extensions.

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