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They’re all working it right now, from Beyonce to Rhianna and even Gaga’s loving it! That’s right the playsuit is still red hot this summer. From mini shorts with cutesy floral prints to long, silky harem legs – it’s a look that can be pulled off by one and all.
The rules are simple really… If you’re short go for a long legged jumpsuit with heels, and if you’re tall, get those pins out in some shorts and pop on some fabulous gladiators. If you’re worried about flashing the flab, floral prints work wonders for bulging belly’s. And add some vavavoom to small boobs with a structured bra cup shape. A look suitable for all occasions, your playsuit will most defiantly become your summer staple.
This key trend does come with a fashion warning however… festivals. There is nothing glamorous about you, perched above the loo seat, exposing full frontal nudity in a portaloo, with your playsuit around your ankles resting in a puddle of goodness knows what. And that’s not the worst of it. Imagine, just imagine if your toilet door is flung open by some oblivious loo loiterer… say no more! Avoid becoming branded the ‘Festival Flasher’ and keep your playsuit at home.
So, now we’ve bedazzled you with who, what, why, when and how, we better let you know where to get yours…     


£25, H! by Henry Holland                   £35, Joy                         £35, Miss Selfridge
        for Debenhams

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