Fashion trends Peaches and Cream

For years we’ve lived in staple little black dresses, but we admit the peaches and creams hitting the high street in abundance, have tempted us to the ‘pastel side’.

Remember to choose the right shade for your skin tone – although pastels are everywhere, that doesn’t mean that everyone can pull them off. Warmer colours suit those who have a paler complexion, or haven’t had a chance to get out in the garden for a vitamin D top up yet; whilst if you’re a bronzed goddess you’re skin will look great next to neutral shades. And take mums advice, if she tells you you’re looking a bit washed out, then you probably are, so take note to avoid pale shades at all costs.

£49, Joy @Centrale

This heart-printed dress is the perfect tone for paler complexions. Because the shade verges on the coral side of peach, it will bring your skin to life. The vintage style will have your figure looking great (and make your granny say “ooh doesn’t she look lovely”).

If you’re going to splash out on a pastel piece, make it an investment and go for a little beige dress. Gone are the days when you could rely only on your little black number for an impromptu call of Pimms o’clock – now beige is the rage! This sequined dress will be great for all occasions, from a night out with the girls to your cousins christening. So don’t delay and get yourself a little beige dress now!



£160, French Connection @Centrale

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