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Now you don’t need to flirt with a sailor for his hat, or find your own entourage of sea scouts to pull off this seasons nautical look like Kelly Brooke. Not that we want to stop you chatting up hot sailor folk you understand – it’s just that the nautical look can be pulled off with something as simple as a blue and white striped piece or even a pair of cute white shorts.

 But if the thought of having to wear horizontal stripes makes you want to run to your closet and lock yourself away until nautical is part of fashion history then think again –  not only is nautical a look that returns to the catwalk year after year, but horizontal stripes aren’t the only option. Wearing a navy top with gold buttons or embellishments will work just as well as a striped number and should be befriended by anyone trying to pull off the nautical look who has not been blessed with Kelly Brookes’ assets.

  So one last piece of advice before you head to Centrale en masse to buy yourself some a little nautical number: keep striped tops white with either red or blue. Anybody who opts for black and white, with dark shades and lurks in dimly lit streets, won’t pull of the nautical look but might get a slapped wrist and a ride home with some rather ticked off police men.

Navy & white stripe jersey dress £25, red stud elasticated belt £12, blue quilted body bag £15 (All Therapy@ House of Fraser, Centrale)

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